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Originally Posted by YDJanet View Post
We recently rented a 10-pax van from Thrifty in Johannesburg, SA. Other than a few issues like iffy AC, it worked fine for us. We were concerned about the tires--nearly bald--and they actually marked that they had just 7 mm tread left.

The tires held out, but when we turned the car in, on tire mysteriously had a gash in it--the rubber was flapping loose in one spot. We didn't know of any time where this could have happened, unless it happened on their own lot as we entered (over those spiky things they have). They said we'd have to buy them a new tire. We had them document that this was the only problem with the tires.

After we left, they called and said TWO tires were damaged, and all the tires were worn and that we'd have to pay for four new tires. We disputed it, but a charge for nearly $500 has shown up on our bill.

We've disputed it with the CC company, but I don't know how it will turn out. Have you ever heard of the customer having to pay for tire wear? This seems outrageous.

Is there a place we can call to lodge our complaints here in the US? Any advice would be appreciated.
You should definitely dispute with the credit card company. If they were worn to begin with (do you have this on a receipt of some sort?), you should not have a problem.

You should also dispute with Thrifty head office and tell them how they gave you a car with worn tires.

Stuff like this really annoys me! Good luck OP.
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