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It 007 bom-lhr

And the final leg home towards Europe on Kingfisher.


Transfer to domestic terminal

The bus did the usual route but then went outside the airport perimeter and dropped us next to the B gates outside the international terminal.

No Kingfisher staff anywhere and loads of people trying to enter the terminal and CISF staff (armed with what I assume were WWI carabineers). Prepared I made my way to the C area where Kingfisher checks in.

The CISF boarding pass check later I was in the terminal making my way to the counter just to be stopped by some blue uniformed Kingfisher staff that was not too happy with me just speeding towards the counter.

After he demanded my ticket and passport (despite me telling him I’m checked in and just need a lounge pass) I decided that he I was not too sure, if he was legit, so I decided to call over a red dressed Kingfisher Lady and minutes later I was in front of the check in desk.

My attempt to change my seat (from an aisle seat) to something in the middle did not work. When she tried to get that last middle seat someone approached and told her, that she just upgraded a guest to that seat and hence I would need to stick with what I had.

I was handed a lounge pass and told, immigration over there, the lounge is at Gate 14. Have a nice trip.


The lounge is a common lounge which offers loads of space with a good choice of drinks and some minor food items, but I did not really like it as it was too crowded and noisy, so I decided to take walk around and do some last minute shopping.


When I saw that the displays showed boarding I made my way to the gate, which was very crowded and it looked like all passengers were boarding at the same time. I decided to stand to the side and wait until the madness had stopped, however I was quickly approached by a Kingfisher Staff Member and asked if I am on this flight and when I confirmed she escorted me through the madness onto the plan.


With nearly all seats in business full I thought we were ready but than a young couple with a small child arrived and started taking the middle seats in row 1 and then it stopped being funny. They had ordered a cod which can’t be fixed in row 1 and a whole argument broke out about how this is going to be fixed, the husband told another passenger who was not willing to swap his seat with him, that he will make a lot of fuss during the night flight and at one point we had about 6 blue uniformed Kingfisher staff arguing with the couple, the flight crew, an off duty captain on his way home and the captain of the flight. It took them 45 minutes to sort this out with them now taking the seats on the right side of the plan plus one of the middle seats.


Once we were in the air the service quickly started in the same fashion as on the flight from LHR-BOM on demand. The food and service was outstanding despite the baby constantly crying and the husband running up and down the aisle with it.


Learning from my flight to BOM I got it into the right position for my sleep and was very fast asleep only to be regular woken up by the child crying, so I decided instead bring the seat into the movie position and watch some movies from my laptop. The FA noticed that and organized popcorn and regular drink refills.


Welcome to T4 Heathrow, enough said.

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