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It 104 blr-bom

After some nice meetings in Bangalore and enjoying the traffic madness it's time to go home


This new airport is a joy, clean easy to access (once you managed to survive the long ride out).

The driver did not show up at the agreed time (2 hours before the flight with the hotel being about 1 hour away from the airport), with the usual panic the concierge managed to get a driver there in 30 minutes who via the back roads did manage to bring me to the airport in 35 minutes.

On the curb the usual red porters immediately going in action and on my remark, Iím very late, Iím sorry, but itís only 50 minutes to the flight starting laughing and telling me to relax as that was more than enough time.

After the usual CISF security check we went to the Kingfisher First counter where the same friendly person (which I learned later had been promoted from supervisor to guest services manager) welcomed me by name as last time and handed me over boarding passes for the whole journey and the lounge card.

When I said, that Iím sorry for being so late she told me that 30 minutes for a domestic flight was their cut off and that I was not late.

She than escorted me through the security to the lounge where a waiter immediately gave me a glass of water with the breakfast menu. I ordered banana pancakes but there were also a lot of other choices on the menu next to a mini buffet with fresh fruit and pastry on the bar.

When the flight started boarding the manager and a porter picked me up and they escorted me to the gate, where we were asked to board a bus to the plane. She insisted on escorting me all the way to the aircraft and so we had a short journey over to the plane, where after another security check she handed me over to the crew.

The usual service of headset, newspapers and choice of food from a menu was given and I once again went for the non-vegetarian sandwich which again came on a tray with the rest of the menu.

A short flight later we arrived in BOM and a long taxi later we arrived at the gate, where an announcement was made that transfer passengers should contact the gate staff and that boarding passes should be shown to the security staff (as this was a connecting flight to somewhere).

As I left the plane I was addressed by name before I even showed my boarding pass (turns out this was the same agent that helped me on my inbound). We went down to the transfer desk, obtained an immigration form and then a bus token. She says she is going to stay with me (together with the porter) until the bus comes which I declined. I told her, that Iím happy to wait on my own. She than promised that someone is going to collect me from the other side and assist.

A short while later the bus showed and on began the 20 minute journey to the internal terminal.
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