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It 203 blr-trv


Curb Side:

When pulling up at the rank a friendly porter inquired if I fly kingfisher and when I responded yes Kingfisher First to xx, he immediately took care of my bags and offered to escort me to check in.

Passing through the security at the entrance (eticket was not a problem but my passport was inspected over and over again) we than approached the check in area (very clean, a lot of desk but very empty) and a security band in front of the First desk was opened for me.

Check in Desk:

Check in was very fast and when I enquired about a seat in row 1 because I don’t want anybody leaning into me she told me that there will only be 2 guests in First and that the other guest was sitting on the opposite side.

A supervisor was sitting next to the friendly agent and we started talking as I noted that I flown in yesterday from London on Kingfisher and she inquired about my experience. I told her my comments and she invited me to fill out a form. As I already had done that yesterday (I believe in positive feedback if something goes well) I declined and she gave me her business card in case I’m back in Bangalore and have a problem at all.

When I inquired about an ATM (because I needed more cash) she pointed me into the direction but pointed out that I don’t need cash for tips as that would not be needed. She than offered to have someone bring me to the lounge.

A friendly porter escorted me to through security to the Lounge. The security was very friendly and efficient with no queue at all (I wish Dublin airport was as good) and once at the lounge he handed me over to the lounge staff.


Handing the invitation to the Lounge crew they noted that I was going to TRV and we had a quick chat about how I’m doing and once I responded I’m going on holidays we had quick chat.

I looked around the lounge for a moment (a great lounge, not the hole that is Mumbai Domestic Lounge) which was completely empty.

Immediately I was approached by staff and asked if they could help, once I found a seat I liked immediately water appeared and I was asked for any other choices and presented with a breakfast menu .

The menu features eggs in different forms with chicken sausage, pancakes or vegetarian breakfast choices.

I order my choice and a lime juice and my choices were delivered swiftly.

The Lounge itself reminds me more of a bar area than a lounge with a big bar (in front of 2 TV flat screen showing sport and news). Comfortable lounge chairs on one side, leather seats in the middle and tables with chairs on the other. Split by a TV there another area with big leather chairs around a table.


The Lounge Attendant came around and addressed me by name and told me that my flight was leaving and that I should make my way to the gate now.
When I approached the gate the usual security check was done and I was welcomed to board.


This was a short flight and despite it they managed to provide me with a got dish served on a tray which was great and tasty. The FA’s checked regularly if there was something else I needed.

With 10 minutes before schedule we arrived at the stand and when I entered the terminal building my bags were already on the belt.

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