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IT107 from BOM to BLR

IT107 from BOM to BLR

My flight was announced by a friendly agent who offered me a porter to take me to the gate. I declined that (which was a bad choice in retrospect).


Security is directly in front of the lounge entrance and I queue with the rest of the passengers. At one point I feared a riot would happen as an off duty kingfisher employee was taken out of the substantial line by a uniformed kingfisher person and given directly to the x-ray.

Loud shouting started in a mix of languages with no passenger moving anymore until a unformed guard (with a lot of stars on his shoulder) tried to calm people down. The shouting only stopped once he took the uniformed and off duty kingfisher person to a side and even than there was moaning until he put the off duty person back into the queue.

The queue could choose between 2 xray machines and there was no security on the end of the x-ray where you put your bag. I started taking out my laptop (used to the window show that is security in US/EMEA) and the people behind me told me to leave it and not take out my toiletry bag either.

Passing through the arch I set the alarm off (but I think everybody does) and was given a hand wand by an officer who stamped my boarding pass. I than approached the other area of the x-ray and nobody did hand you the bag, you had to walk into the screening area behind the guard and take your bag.

I grabbed both of mine and approached another officer guarding the exit of the screening area who inspected the stamp at my boarding pass and then noticed that one of my hand bags did not have a label with a security stamp.
He looked at me and asked “English?” to which I reply, “Yes please”.

He pointed to the x-ray machine and the label at my other bag and told me, “you need label”. So I went back to the x-ray machine and got told, to exit the area, queue again. I looked completely bewildered at the guy. So I tried to make my way out of the area just to be stopped and told there is no way out. I tried to explain what was going on and the starred officer (from before) just smiled, directed me to another office and told them to scan the bag. The same person that previously told me to take a hike now stamped my label personally.

Back to the guard who complained about my missing label who would you believe it inspected the boarding pass again in detail, checked all the labels and then let me go.


Once in the hall to the gate I heard “last call”. I started speeding up but a Kingfisher staff member next to me, told me not to worry, they would not leave without me. Very nice.

Approaching the gate I apologized and told them that I had a mixup at security. I approached the gate and a security officer once again checked my stamps on boarding pass and bags, out on a big smile and told me “relax sir”.

Next time when offered a porter I will take one.

Once on board I took my seat (noticing a gentlemen who was also on the LHR-BOM flight) and after further 10 minutes the last passengers were on board.


A menu card was given to me with a choice of main courses ranking from chicken sandwich over soup to vegetarian sandwich. I choose the chicken sandwich which was delivered together with the desert on a tray about 30 minutes into the flight. An announcement was made that “due to circumstances beyond their control no coffee service would be made”.


The seats are the old style business class seats you are known to from major airlines, just newer. Big, red and very comfortable and reclining until I got the feeling to hit the legs of the lady behind me. I did not try the ief screen as I needed sleep which I got in the seat.

After the flight:

Again fast out of the plane and walked down this new airport to a bag belt where porter offered a hand if needed. The bag came very soon (5 minutes) and I was out of the airport shortly after to see my driver standing outside.

The drivers seam not to be allowed into the terminal and are standing outside near the doors hold back by a barrier.

Overall great service both on the ground and the plane, in 1 ½ hours flight the service is defiantly better than what BD is bringing (en par with Swiss) but the fact that they have dedicated business cabin with great seats is a big plus.

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