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i have return from bali less than two months ago, i recommend to rent a motorbike to move in shorts ways and to be independ as it is really cheap on the other hand for day trips i will take the private driver as he will show you placs that you will never know and will explain you thinks about their cultue, religion etc that in the book guides is not written and they are cheap.

on the other hand i recommend to be in Seminyak area if you can in a villa with your service and private swimminpool i have been and it was fantastic and price was very good.

if you need more information about Bali and direct contacts that i got during my holiday trip let me know and i will send to you.

have a nice day

QUOTE=Madisonman39;13133199]Absolute get a driver, for several reasons. First, it is much safer. Second, it is not much more expensive then renting a car. Third, for all of the Balinese people's peacefulness, they are maniacal drivers. Cars a foot away from mopeds with kids. Passing on the right, on the left. Crazy. DO NOT DRIVE A MOPED OR SCOOTER there if you value your life.

As for hotels, I would definitely recommend a few days or more near Ubud. There are three hotels that are related including Alam Indah and Alam Jiwah. Less than $100 per night. Choice of air con or not and truly wonderful places. Gardens pools nice beds. I spent about $70 a night, but that was three years ago.

You can take a 15 minute pleasant walk through the monkey forest to get to Ubud.

The last reason to get a driver is to take you to places you would never go to otherwise. I met a family whose son drives me and I've been to ceremonies in a bat cave, in thousand year old river temples, in small villages. You can drive through the rice fields. Meet people. Just tell him to take you to places not normally inhabited by tourists.

As for near the beach, DO NOT STAY IN KUTA. It is like every bad place in the Caribbean. Why go to Bali? There are very nice hotels across from the beach in Seminyak. Again, around 100 a night.

So don't waste your points on an international chain hotel. There are great places for $100 or less and owned by locals. (The woman who owns Alam Indah also owns a restaurant with great duck and can help you with drivers and all that.)

Hope this is helpful. If you get out of the tourist areas and into the villages, you will find it is an incredibly beautiful and spiritual place. I love it.

Have fun![/QUOTE]
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