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Originally Posted by lharris816 View Post
I have never used ebay for a condo rental but I have heard good things about it from others. I have used VRBO in Kauai and for more local areas without a hitch. We are staying in Maui this month and I found a listing on Craigslist at the Ka'anapali Beach Club at 750 per wk...
Based on experience and talking to others (I am also surrounded by people who own condos and rent them, that's part of life if living in Hawaii; thanks goodness I don't deal with rentals myself, seems like such a hassle), it seems to me that renting a condo is a hit it or miss it. It could be a great deal - but also could present the following issue. It is up to the condo owners how they maintain and decorate their units. The pictures they put on the web could be misleading. Even if they put their units into condotel (also known as condo-hotel) programs (that generally require conformity), there still could be issues. Some of these condo owners lack common and business sense. E.g., I remember staying at one of the ResortQuest (now called Aston) properties on Maui. The website did not even say anything about privately owned condos, the website marketed the whole place as a hotel. Luckily, I rented through ResortQuest. The unit I got had baby pictures all over and signs along the lines, "Welcome to our home etc." Come on, get real. (I love children, it's just it was not the intention to stay in somebody's "home.") I went to the front desk and asked for another unit. The unit I got then had a distinct odor of a place where people smoked, even though it was advertized as a non-smoking resort (I absolutely hate smoking - Btw, beware: this could be a huge issue if using Priceline to get a hotel room; you can get stuck in a smoking room! - Not in Hawaii (because of the new law), but in other places, such as Vegas or CA). So I ended up back at the front desk asking to be moved again, which they did.

Lots of people who come back to Hawaii year after year actually find a unit to be rented in the future while they are still in Hawaii. It's very-very common.

As for lharris816: You are getting your unit in a timeshare project. So you are "safe" in that those units will all be properly maintained, since it is the company that maintains them and not the individual owners. Those properties are well maintained. You got a great deal!!!

As much as I dislike the whole timeshare concept, I have had terrific deals over the years. There are so many of these timeshare units out there, and timeshare owners are willing to rent them cheap. You can get really great deals on those. I have stayed multiple times that way at different timeshare resorts for under $400 total incl. all fees for one week in a 1- or 2-BR unit with full kitchen and washer/dryer (it does take a lot of searching to get these deals though and usually very last-minute type of deals).

As for a rental car I have had the best price at Alamo, standard car, 16 nights for 350. Have been looking but nothing better yet. I did try Priceline for a convertabile at 14 per night and they counter-offered at 17 per night. I thought I would just try 15 the next day, but was rejected.
Re $350 for 16 days: Is it including taxes and fees or without? I rent often on the Neighbor Islands, and if it were for me, I would be really happy with $350 for 16 days if it includes taxes and fees. It seems like a great deal to me. This is not LAX and those places, after all, you know

I'm not sure that the credit card would protect for insurance purposes in case of an accident since it is a Priceline charge. Does anyone know if they do this normally if you go thru Priceline?
Excellent question!!! Let's see if anyone knows.

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