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Originally Posted by NYCBunny View Post
JALPak, can you describe exactly what they did to your carry on luggage? Does that apply for elites that use the priority line.

Also (and for everyone that flew in after the christmas event) how was customs/immigrations now vs beforehand in the US?
They just opened the bag (without taking my stuff out) and then closed it. Then did a pat down search. The entire process took less than a minute.

Yes, it applies to the elites too. My flight departs at gate 61, i.e. the main building, which you have to go downstairs to board. So they set up the security check at the stairs and everyone has to go through that before going to the waiting area. I think they intentionally put all US-bound flights there. They even set up a press area too (there are signs for press but I only saw 2 cameramen)

The customs/immigrations at LAX is just the same as before. Nothing has changed...
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