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Accor BRG is a true nightmare

Just want to add one data point to this topic.

I was so pissed off by the experience requesting BRG from Accor. Booked the hotel and submitted the original request within 24 hours. Then 5 days waiting without even a declining message from Accor. Resubmitted on 28th with some complaining, still, no email, no call, no nothing. I mean, I understood that all of the BRG programs really couldn't care less whether you get a better price or not. But come on, totally ignore the request by just make no voice? That's just lower than the lowest.

Accor make the BRG rules extremely favoring themself, like the customer need to submit the BRG request with 24 hours of the reservation, and the better price has to be good on the time THEY MAKE THE VERIFICATION, etc. Yet they didn't give any timeline for themselves to process the requests.

And how about contact them directly? They list no email no phone number on their website for you to call except their the reservation center. People in the reservation department will tell you they are not allowed to make outbound call thus can not transfer you to an other department

All in all, my words to Accor is: if you don't want to do the BRG, or are not capable to do it, Don't even bother to start this service. Don't waste our time!!!!!
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