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Pre-merger NW and DL FAs cannot work together on the same flight until representation issues are resolved. However, come spring 2010, after all FAs have been cross-trained on both NW and DL aircraft, they will be able to work the other's aircraft type, just not together. For example, pre-merger DL FAs will be able to work the JFK-NRT 744 while pre-merger NW FAs will be able to work the 777 DTW-PVG; there just can't be a mix of DL and NW FAs on the same DTW-PVG or JFK-NRT flight until the union issue is resolved.
What is the explanation for DL/NW FAs not being able to work together on the same flight until the union/contract issues are resolved? I understand that their work rules may be different and remain under legacy policies, but why does that prevent them from working together? I could see their trip construction could be governed by different rules and their could be different procedures for grievances, etc., but I wouldn't expect that would impact the ability to work together on a given flight.

Also, what are some examples of the major operational changes that have occurred over the last year or so under the "Phase of Flight" program to align NW/DL procedures for SOC? I've overheard that pushback procedures and crew communications were two big categories, but I don't know much about that. Did the pilots have to get used to pretty different ways of doing things, or were the changes pretty minor?
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