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Per a post from azj over on, the Northwest callsign will still be around until reservations cutover, at which point everything NW (both customer facing and operationally) will fade. Starting on Jan. 1 though with SOC, pilots can be interchanged (and I believe that the first mixed DL/NW crews will be in February/March).

As you mention, the FA situation won't be done until a vote, which won't occur for a while (until the NMB figures out if they can change the rules or not).

With Airport C/S, I know at MSP check-in, they've had both legacy DL and NW employees at the Medallion counter - they'll often pull over a legacy DL agent when I've got some complicated DL issue (I seem to get a lot of airport reissues...) but it gets figured out in the end.
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