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Status of DL/NW SOC?

Does anyone know the status of Delta/Northwest receiving a single operating certificate (SOC), which I believe is scheduled for later this week-- Dec. 31 or Jan. 1.

What does it mean operationally in the short-term? I know that, in the long term, DL/NW can begin operating as truly one entity, with flight and cabin crews mixed between legacy DL and NW. For example, the NW Atlanta satellite FA base will eventually close, and the flights on the 744 and A330s from Atlanta could be operated by legacy Delta flight attendants.

But what changes in the short term? I know with the FAs, they cannot begin integrating until the union vote is settled, so I believe legacy DL aircraft will have legacy DL FAs and legacy NW aircraft will have legacy NW FAs next week.

Will the "Northwest" call sign be retired on 12/31, and Northwest flights begin using the DAL indicator and Delta call sign? (Perhaps we'll start hearing "Delta XXX in Northwest colors," the opposite of the "in Delta colors" that we hear on ATC today).

Also, what is the status of integration for airport customer service employees (both above and below wing)? Have they been fully integrated? e.g., are legacy Delta ACS employees working NW flights today, and vice-versa?
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