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UA should sue the TSA for $X,000 per day they are forced to shut off the IFE.

Why don't they learn from Isreal, who, despite all the security threats against them, have never had a problem because they have invested in proper security, and so do it right beforehand. The guy who caused the whole incident has been on a US terrorist watchlist for ~ 2 years now - how was he even allowed to board the plane. What's the point of the list if its not being used. What is the point of this department?

The airport and specifically security - which I'll now refer to as the circus - is just going to cause the 99.9999999999999% of us honest people to jump through hoops to get on our flights, and not do a single thing to stop the behavior of the ones trying to harm us.

Let me clearly state I have no problem in going through extra security if it has the chance of making a difference - unfortunatetly, having FA's enforce everyone sitting in their seat for an hour before landing and shutting off the IFE, among other things mentioned, isn't going to make a difference in stopping these types of things. Investing in the proper type of security, and not putting all our efforts and $ into trying to stop the last attempt, would be a lot more effective.
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