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I believe you issue is your routing as stated, from DFW to SIN, involves 2 Partners - you need to use AA from DFW to West Coast, then take either JL or CX to go to SIN (via NRT using JL, via HKG using CX).

Using 2 or more partners turns the award to a OneWorld award which is based on distance traveled, and is much more expensive than the ONE Partner award.

Your best bet is to make your own way to West Coast and either use JL or CX to get to SIN - that way you can even make a stopover at NRT or HKG, or both - one going and one coming, each direction on a different partner, and book the trip as 2 x One-Way - would cost you the same miles as a r/t anyway.
Thanks for your response! Every time I tried booking thru BA website to include partner airlines (AA & JAL), the website always gives me a stopover in London and gave me the longer route (DFW-LHR-SIN). I don't know why I can't select AA or JAL. Maybe I should go to the partners websites (AA & JAL websites) thru BA website and book directly from them? I'm not sure.

Thanks for pointing out a cheaper alternative, which is flying to either SFO or LAX by my own and going to SIN from there using my BA miles. ^^

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