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Originally Posted by moondog View Post
A phone call would surely result in a more sensible booking, but I dislike the fact that BA's website operates in this fashion; programming it to display 25k options first wouldn't be that hard.
I would be happy if they even displayed it at all, let alone display it first.

I was just looking for a LAX-NRT on AA, of which AA has several going out daily wide open, yet BA.com doesn't even display it as an option to choose.
I clicked on search partner airlines and the only route combinations it brings up are of AA/JL (route: LAX-SOF-NRT) or BA/BA(route: LAX-LHR-NRT).

Why not show the AA only (route: LAX-NRT) of which their is plenty of availability on AA.com and AAadvantage bookings? It seems they are trying to get people to spend more award miles than are necessary by not even giving them the option. Do u think it is possible to book by phone, even though the online at BA.com it won't let u book or display it as an option?

Correct me if i am wrong, but i think i read that they charge like a ₤15 or ₤30 fee to book by phone. So either you take their limited routes on the website (more expensive award routes) or they let you call in to book the most efficient single partner route (if you are fortunate enough to find it on another site), yet they charge you to do so. Seem they try to get u either way.

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