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I tried the satchel again and was, again, very pleased and have some more info. This was an overnight business trip. Everything went in the satchel and it was at a shade under 9 kg. I cut back a bit on the work documents. I was on an M80 in first on the way there and the bag fit in the overhead, longways (taking up the least room - perpendicular to the opening of the overhead) on the AB side. On the return, something quite inexplicable happened. I was wondering whether it would fit under the seat in coach and apparently AA read my mind and for perhaps the second time this year my upgrade didnt clear. But the good news is that it does fit under the seat in coach on an MD80, this time, parallel to the length of the plane, so again taking up the least amount of room possible. Pretty happy about that, except for the upgrade, but what the heck, it was a two hour flight.

Also, Till, just to clarify, when you say the "stack method" I am not doing what I would call stacking. I start by putting the Eagle Creek cube in the bag, on its edge. So it is basically standing on its side in the center of the bag. I then put my computer into the bag (in a slim case) in the same orientation (basically standing on its side). Then goes my travel folder that my assistant prepares with all of my travel info plus any materials I need for the trip (manuscripts or whatever I will be working on). That also goes on its edge. Then the various pouches with shaving stuff, power cables and what not go down in the corners of the bag. This is where I got the idea of how to pack it, with the big stuff standing on its side in the middle and then at the bottom and out to the front and back edges of the bag go the small things.
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