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Mid-Atlantic US Winter Storm (Weekend of 12/19) and Impact to UA's Operations

Apologies in advance to the moderators for starting a new thread when there's a separate thread already about today's storms, but I want this message to be prominent (at least for a while) for everyone traveling this weekend...

We are canceling additional United and United Express flights to and from Dulles, National and BWI through 7 p.m. EST today. (Yesterday, we canceled flights scheduled for today through 3:30.) We expect snow-related cancelations and delays at PHL, the three NYC airports, and other airports throughout the mid-Atlantic and New England. AND weather delays are likely at O'Hare (I'm looking out my balcony door near downtown Chicago and glad to see our snow is turning to rain!) and at SFO.

I need your help to spread the word (through Twitter, Facebook, yelling off rooftops, airplane banners): reservations wait times will be longer than normal, as call volume is higher and as many Res agents are making outbound calls to customers with canceled flights. As you (our savviest flyers) know, many people can get everything they need online, specifically at If we can get people to try first, then we can reduce call volume and wait times for those who absolutely do need to speak to an agent.

Also, need your help to remind travelers not to show up at an airport for a canceled flight. first, then, if necessary, call reservations or the travel agent. Travelers ticketed for a canceled flight (as you know) may already have been rebooked and that new itinerary would be visible at

Thanks to all... for being patient and for understanding we sincerely want to get everyone home for Christmas. We've got *hundreds* of employees working overtime (many volunteered to ) and others who themselves won't get home on time because they're at work too. (And where'd I put that magic weather wand. Ugghh!)


December 20 Update

Originally Posted by United PR View Post
Hi folks,

We're happy to say that – compared to Saturday and Sunday – we have limited cancellations throughout the system today. We have additional aircraft in Dulles, Los Angeles and Denver to operate extra sections. (You might see a couple of 747s in some strange places today!) We're working overtime to get people where they need to go, but still need your help spreading the word that the first place to go to check flight status, rebook or reconfirm a rebooking is at

As for the voice recognition system troubles, we had a nice little chat with HAL on Saturday. As you know, the enormous call volume slowed him down a bit, but he’s been back up and running since Saturday evening (maybe he had a little hot tea with lemon). Call volumes are still driving longer wait times than we’d like, but things are improving. And of course, the more we can get people to start their planning at, the fewer people we have calling in to the Reservations lines.

Please, help a poor PR person out to spread the word. Thanks!!!


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