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I swear - you could make this story into a Country & Western Song.

So I did.

To the tune of the Wabash Cannonball

The AA Orange Juice Song

(Link loads midi for some karaoke fun.)

Listen to the story
Of an AA morning flight
When a passenger
And a flight attendant
Had a great big fight

On an early Sunday morning
When the day was bright and new
On a flight from Sacramento
To D-F-W

On AA Flight Six Fourteen
There was this bitter dame
A first class flight attendant
And Helen was her name

A passenger in first class
He got his breakfast tray
And asked this flight attendant
"Can I have some OJ?"

Helen rolled her eyes, now
She thought "This guy a jerk."
"You must be new to first class, dude
"Cause that's not how this works".

He said "You're condescending
Now don't get smart with me
I'm one of your best customers
'Cause I'm an EXP."

Well, this made Helen madder
She set the poor guy straight
"The authorities will meet you
When we get to the gate."

I'll ask the other people
If they'll back up my tale
They'll say you interfered with me
And you might go to jail."

So she asked the others
But no one volunteered
She scared the other passengers
They all thought she was weird

They said "We saw the whole thing
We think you've flipped your lid!
And when we land in Dallas
We'll tell them what you did!"

(Sometimes) when you fly AA
This is what you get get
A bitter flight attendant
On a shiny silver jet

And as for crazy Helen
Well, she's still on the loose
So if you ever see her
Don't ask her for orange juice.

(all tongue-in-cheek)

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