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Speaking of an aborted take-off (not landing), it can be rather interesting in India where the airports (as the rest of the crumbling British-era infrastructure not updated since then) are poorly maintained and cows are free-roaming on the runways (apparently). I once was on a Jet Airways flight from Varanasi to Khajuraho. The front part of the plane was just about starting to lift off, when the plane violently swerved to the left and the brakes screeched and rubber burned. It almost but not quite went off the runway on the side, then went back to park near the terminal. No announcement was made, while it was very hot and stuffy inside (no AC running), until some 30 minutes later that "the cow that was on the runway has now moved off it, so as soon as the 1 hour waiting period after an aborted take-off to cool off the brakes is past, we will try to take off again" (not word for word, but approximately so). So, while I didn't see it myself, apparently (as per the announcement made) in India cows have free roam inside the airports also (the grass there was indeed rather green and long at that time) and if a cow steps on the runway, well then you'd better hope that the pilot has quick reflexes (as that one thankfully did).
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