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Go-around v. Rejected Take-off

Speaking from the perspective of a private pilot, I'll take a go-around any day compared to a rejected take-off. The plane is light (most of the fuel is burned off by this time, although there's usually at least an hour or so of fuel left) and performs as well as it will, compared to any other point in the flight.

The most vulnerable time for any aircraft - large or small - is after the go/no-go point on a take-off roll is passed. Generally, this is the point where there's not enough runway available to stop the plane after the power is chopped and full braking applied so the only alternative is to "go." The aircraft is heavy, dirty, slow and depending on temperature/humidity/altitude, single-engine performance can be challenging. Fortunately for us passengers, this is one of the most practiced emergency events when pilots do their initial type ratings and recurrent training.

I can recall only a couple of go-arounds in my time flying as a passenger commercially. I viewed them both as non-events. I'd much rather be going-around than landing on a contaminated or occupied runway!

Flying myself, in a single engine prop, I've have had one at MSN, but there have a been a couple I've managed to avoid by doing a some S-turns a few miles out. Of course, that typically not an option for a commercial jet. Maybe in the Mighty Beech 1900 or a Q400, but not a jet.

Fly safe!
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