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I only had one. Which, I didn't really felt bad while it happened, gave me quite a bad stomach afterwards when I was "remembering" what happened on the flight prior to the aborted landing (ie, if there was something broken)

It was on a short hop (I think A319 or A320) to FRA, and before we took off in ZRH, there was a massive thunderstorm giving us a delay of around 15min still while waiting at the gate. It was really loud in the plane (They already had closed the doors and just wanted to push-back when the thunderstorm arrived) and there were quite a few pax really frightened by it. The LH FAs did a great job handing out drinks&nuts to those really shocked, and eventually after around 10min it slowed down. We then processed regularely to the take-off, flight all fine, but the landing was aborted. I think we already touched the ground with several wheels, when the pilot let the engines go on full-thrust again. He announced we'll do another landing in a few minutes, which then went fine. Weather in FRA was quite good. Only high clouds.

During the "emergency take-off" I didn't thought about it, but while in the air "again" I remembered what happened at ZRH and I guess quite a few other pax did so too, and were a bit uneasy with the whole situation. But I guess that was just plain stupid, given airplanes have to withold much stronger winds and rain in the air than a thunderstorm sitting at the gate.

Looking back at it, it was a nice experience ^
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