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Originally Posted by J.Edward View Post
Did you get the $150 travel club bonus?
NOV 22: I E-mail CO
"I recently applied for and got the Presidential Plus World MasterCard. When may I expect to see the promised $150 appear in my TravelBank?"

NOV 27: CO E-Mails Me
"Please feel free to contact Continental's OnePass Service Center at 713/952-1630, 6:00am-8:00pm, Monday-Friday concerning the $150 for the Presidential Plus World MasterCard credit card approval."

NOV 27: I Call OPSC
On-hold quite a while and got transferred twice. They don't know anything about the $150 offer and ask me where it is on CO.com. I was out shopping with TSMRSRNE and did not have the URL handy. And because it's too long and convoluted to recite over the phone, I sent the URL in a reply to their e-mail.

As I reported previously, Chase "appears" to have confirmed the $150 bonus, so maybe I don't need to have CO confirm it. Still, it would be nice to know CO is aware of this offer and able to advise me about it. And I do have a question about if my membership in the travel club having expired will affect my receipt of the $150 into my TravelBank.

! Your membership is expired.
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