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Originally Posted by mattk View Post
Ah, it's not that bad, looks kind of cool, but I hear the points raised and agree. What bugs me though it looks like the date is still mm/yy and not mm/yyyy ie. 06/10 and not 06/2010. Surely the cost of printing two extra digits isn't that much money!

So cue lounge ladies questioning whether your card is out of date which is incidentally what happened to me at the LH Senator Lounge at MUN yesterday..."Your card expired sir in 06" "errr, no, that's June 2010." which she accepted. Didn't expect that from someone in the EU, that's normally a North American thing.
My LH Senator card has the expiry date of 02.10. LH lounge staff must be used to seeing mm.yy.

But then all M&M status cards expire in February so all they need to check is the last two digits.
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