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I agree...

At dinner last night, my wife and I discussed this. My wife started by asking if we really wanted to deviate from our schedule, you could hear crickets! We both realized our flawed thought process. We don't do this at home, we've only noticed that the children, after not sleeping their regular schedule the night before, just crash where ever they may be at that magic time.... one time our daughter even crashed at the dinner table. We thought if we purposely intervened before the flight, we might get the same result, but we've also seen what happens when one of the kids is too tired, and won't go to sleep, and can be difficult to be pacified.

So we will not do anythnig different. They normally go to sleep at between 20:00-21:00, so this would be about 2.5 hours into the flight, but knowing they will be excited, it might go longer.

Since we will require a bassinet, we have a seat on row 1. We have selected the rows behind as well. Unfortunately (ironic to say that), the seats are 2-1-2, so we can't keep everyone on the same row. The kids are too small to be able to kick the seats in front of them, and the seats are big enoug that they'll sort of be boxed in by the seats. They all have noise cancelling headphones, and they normally watch TV quiety. They are all potty trained of course, and have been to the lavatory by themselves on previous flights. My wife is also packing some surprises to dole out in case one of them needs something new.

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Over tired and sleep deprived kids can back fire on you. Airports can be stressful and you could be delayed and having a very tired cranky child could be miserable for you and those around you. Personally late night + no naps the next day could seriously work against you. Bring quiet entertainment, avoid all the sugary high sodas and I think you will have a better flight.

Would you bring over tired sleep deprived kids in economy?

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