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Thank you for the feedback and responses so far. There certainly is quite a high level of interest in this event, which, given the feedback from the last event is no surprise at all. We are still very early in the planning stages, and we are reviewing the feedback on here as well as the e-mails. We will do our best to take the feedback into consideration as we move further along with the planning. I never under-estimate the creativity of FT members! You never know what we might come up with… We will continue to provide everyone with updates when we have confirmed the details.

In the meantime, several people have asked if they could put a deposit down now - . Rest assure, we will do our very best to accommodate everyone once we have selected the dates and officially open the event for registration, which won’t be until sometime after the beginning of the calendar year. We were able to clear the waitlist for everyone that wanted to attend the last event, so we ask for your continued patience.

Safe travels.
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