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For people in college, with children in college, or who work for colleges...the end of May is a little tricky because of graduation, end of semester exams, moving, etc...

In general the earlier in May the better...
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Actually it depends on which area of the country you are. Here in the south where I am, college graduations are usually the first two weeks in May. I teach at a community college in VA and our exams end May 10 and my teaching contract ends May 15.

However, I would caution against Memorial Day weekend, May 28-31, 2010.

And count me in as well! I loved the first DO!
My last day of exams up in lovely Upstate NY is May 14th. So anytime after that would be awesome, kthxbye.

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This statement has now been firmly placed in the overhead.
Wheels or handles first? On the side with three seats?
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