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Originally Posted by MikeMpls View Post
After all the false starts & frustrations over the years of arranging either RWT or any NW or DL DO, last year's event was quite the coup. ^

I'm inclined to agree. Even when we fly to Europe or Oz for a DO, events are rarely spread out over > 2, sometimes 3 days. Something can always be saved for the next year. Still, need to be open & see what's afoot, esp. with regard to the possible overlap w/ the Delta Block Party.

On the other hand, a week of mattress running at the cheap Hilton properties around ATL would make my HHonors Diamond requal a snap.
That's a good point though Thurs-Sun would be ideal (work wise). I've already asked off for whatever day(s) this will be.

Originally Posted by tjisnumbaone View Post
I can handle a week. If I dealt with 2 weeks in Europe, I can definitely deal with a week of FTers
The real question is if that's true vice/versa.
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