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Originally Posted by pogonation
'Europe to/from South Pacific:
will allow for connections in Singapore or Bangkok only. Stopovers in these cities for this award are not allowed.
**this rule may actually be this now:
Award travel between Europe and the South Pacific will allow for connections in Bangkok, Narita, Osaka or Singapore only. Stopovers in these cities for this award are not allowed.**'

taken from the thread:

Although I notice that this was last updated on 06/06 so probably not the case now.

LHR-HKG-SIN-BNE is preferable because it would allow me to stopover in SIN and visit a family member for the night.
Thanks for the advice about no F to BNE. Would probably go via SYD in that case. Although I am finding it very hard to understand AA's routing rules
The thread you are quoting is utterly useless. I do have a post in that thread, and IIRC, it was to comment what an utterly useless thread it was. Any 'sticky' that has 1,523 responses (as that one currently does) is, by definition, useless. Frankly, I wouldn't (and don't) even bother opening it. How is any reader possibly supposed to distill 1,523 responses accumulated over a 4+ year period into anything meaningful? Either the thread should be killed or it should be re-written (and maintained).

Stopovers are not permitted so I would avoid the use of that word in any conversations you have with AA. You may well end up with a routing that permits you to meet a family member overnight in SIN but I suspect that may well be very difficult to achieve.

Because AA does not fly these routes, it is often difficult to determine award availability and (in my experience) even harder to get AA to see the award availability. In various threads, there has been anecdotal evidence (and much discussion) of whether awards available to say BA, QF or CX members are also available to AA members. In my experience, they are - but it can be very difficult to get AA to be able to see those awards. Two recent examples -

1. In September, I needed to go UK-Oz (after visiting my mother in Harrogate). Because the timing was uncertain (within a window of a couple of weeks), I figured I would lock into something while I was in the US (in the previous weeks) and, if all else failed, buy a one-way premium economy ticket on QF (for which the price then was pretty reasonable). Checking award availability on the QF website, one F seat popped up on a day that would work (BA to SIN, QF to MEL). I called AA (EXP desk). Agent insisted there was no availability at all and "I was obviously looking at revenue tickets". Hung up. Check QF website - still available. Called back 10 minutes later. This time, it was available to SIN but absolutely no availability to MEL. Hung up. Checked QF and BA websites - available according to both sites. This time I called the Aadvantage number. Much pounding on the keyboard but the agent found (and booked) it. I asked the agent how she did it -- and I would repeat that here if I could remember or understand it! However, there was some issue of 'breaking' it in order to be able to find it.

2. Last weekend (long weekend here, because of the Melbourne Cup), wanted to go MEL-CNS-MEL. Mrs. tt7 and I had tickets (part of a DONE4) but wanted my daughter to come along. Minimal award availability MEL-CNS. Kept checking and suddenly a J seat opened up on the flight up we were on; only thing available coming back was a rather ugly CNS-BNE-CBR-MEL routing with a very early start (albeit in J - absolutely nothing in Y). Called AA. Agent had no difficulty getting the outbound MEL-CNS but insisted there was nothing coming back. I persisted - and persisted - and persisted - and persisted - and simply refused to take 'no' for an answer. After repeatedly telling the (EXP) agent what flights to look at, she eventually managed to find the CNS-BNE-CBR-MEL routing. Put it on hold, thanked the agent, hung up and went and made a cup of coffee. Came back, pulled up the AA record locator -to find she'd booked the ugly return for the wrong day. Called AA back and talked the (different) agent through it all. He managed to find the availability on the right day -- but then it wanted 52,500 miles (essentially 3 awards) rather than 17,500. After 10 minutes on hold, that got sorted out and she was good to go -- but it took a lot of time and effort to get there.

The moral of the above (if there is one) is don't rely on AA to 'find' you award availability LHR-BNE. Try to figure it out yourself and then, if you find something that will work, call AA. If you're signed up for the QF / BA / CX programs, you can check availability on their sites.

Are you just flying one way or is it round trip? Target timing/dates?
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