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For one, I'm very much of the try-it-out mindset. If the Accor forum proposal is brought up again, I'd support it. I understand but disagree with the view that it's better to have discussion in one centralized, larger forum than several low-volume, smaller forums. I think the act of creating a forum brings people, whether from outside or from existing members who see it and think of a question, or for people who might have some small questions but don't think it's worth posting and cluttering up another forum not specifically geared to that program. (For example, I've stayed in a Formule1, but I wouldn't really ever think to discuss it if I hadn't have seen this question reference an Accor forum, and now I realize I might have some questions about other Accor properties--but I don't have anything substantive enough to ask or say in the general Other Hotel Programs forum.)

Two, I have no problem supporting outside-the-U.S. ideas. I'm used to living in an ignored part of the world. I was an advocate of the European Rail Travel forum (both because I thought it would be valuable and also because of my try-it-out mindset).

Again, though, my preference to bringing more world-wide participation would be to use positives to counter the negatives rather than making motions that restrict things (such as setting quotas based on continents for new forums or some such). I'd be in favor of spreading the word about FlyerTalk to all parts of the world and letting the discussion about non-U.S. travel grow organically and naturally instead of trying to force it. Who knows--we can look at some of the proselytizing techniques used by some of the faster-growing world religions for inspiration about how to spread the FlyerTalk "gospel." Perhaps as part of the "FlyerTalk Ambassador" program, some members can be designated to hand out FlyerTalk tracts at airports or post them on travel office bulletin boards or the like. (OK, that's extreme, but ideas like that will certainly stimulate debate and get everyone thinking about ways to bring more people! )
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