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The CSM announced that he would play a 'short' (read: long and boring) video regarding arrivals procedures at MEL and general information about Melbourne. After a summer spent being ear-bashed by EK over the IFE system and being unable to watch what i wanted during that time, this distressed me greatly. Thankfully the video didnt appear on my screen or my sister's, but i was still peeved that QF would consider disrupting IFE enjoyment by all pax for information that would only be required by a few. Surely, directing those who are interested to the appropriate area of the IFE system is more appropriate?
From what I understant this 'short' video regarding quarantine and other arrivals information is an mandatory requirement by the Australian Government, which requires airlines to show it to all passengers regardless of whether they are a visitor or retuning citizen. (source: http://www.daff.gov.au/aqis/avm/airc...ines-operators - Section 8)

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A quick sidenote regarding the QF Crew uniforms - the CSM who had greeted us at the door, made cabin announcements and had even served the economy cabin coffee after both meal services was dressed immaculately in a fine, well cut suit and a classy silk tie. His name badge was large and shiny and took pride of place on the breast of his jacket. I was very impressed and felt a renewed urge to quit my course at university and realise my childhood dream of becoming a flight attendant (that dream is currently on hold until i complete my university education in two years). However another male flight attendant who assisted with rubbish clearing wore a simple, ill-fitting black tunic, shoes that i havent seen since i last wore school uniform and simple, cheap looking black trousers. He didnt even have a name badge. I was disappointed to see the disparity between uniforms. A completely irrelevant point in the context of a trip report, to be sure, but something i noticed given my aspirations to emulate both (well, only one really) gentlemen in the future.
Qantas Cabin Crew uniform photos are avalible here: http://www.qantas.com.au/travel/airl...de15/global/en. In my opinion I dont think the Qantas unifrom looks to bad, the flight attendant you are refering to may not be wearning the standard issue uniform...
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