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You're misunderstanding. I did not ask them to pay for my room at the other hotel. I simply asked them to send a bellman up to pick up my bags and to call a car service to transfer me over to the other hotel.

Given the options I was given (stay in your moldy room, mold is natural and safe), I had no option left other than to leave the hotel.

I made it very clear that all I wanted was for them to cancel the night and the rest of my stay and to assist in my departure and transfer. Transfer meaning physical move not "paid transfer". She completely understood my request and only then did she finally say she would move me to a different room without mold. If you understood how silly they were being (in rougly lecturing me about how safe and natural mold is) you would understand completely why I wanted to vacate the property.

Again - vacate meaning at my expense. Some things are worth more then money.
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