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Had a really bad stay there on Monday.

First of all there was a huge convention group checking in ( Home Depot ) with a line at Check In about 150 ft. long and I am not kidding.Bypassed the line to ask at the Concierge desk, if there is any line for GPP or GPP Diamond members.Obviously a stupid question answered with a short NO !!
At least the question was answered very efficiently, the movement of the line did actually not represent anything being handled efficiently...

Surprisinly after 10 minutes the concierge waved me over which resulted in some strange views from the Home Depot line.Some kind of check in supervisor checked me in and gave me Room 1117, unfortunately in the old tower. To my excuse, I was obviously not smart enough to study this thread before.....
Chose the cheese plate and two sodas as the Diamond amenity.They were delivered shortly before 10 p.m after checking in at about 8 p.m
Requested delivery time noted on that sheet was 9 p.m. , but the delay was more than ok and the plate with some imported cheeses, grapes and crackers was nice and more than enough for two people at this late hour.

But the room was disgusting, after a really bad stay two days ago at the SFO Airport Hyatt this was my second bad Hyatt room in a row.I am really not kidding, but any halfway decent AAA 2 Diamond Hotel has a nicer and bigger bathroom minus the Hyatt portico products, which are certainly superior.
Beside that the room was simply old and small, the carpet had so much stains, way too much to count them and I am not exaggerating by guessing that 50 % of the carpet was simply full of stains...

At Check In they promised to deliver the AAA Full Breakfast certificates, unfortunately only one certificate for the cont. Breakfast made it up to my room, which resulted in another wait of 10 minutes to get the coupons the next morning, because from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m only one manager was on duty to help customers checking out....

Breakfast was solid, the scrambled eggs and potatoes were cold, but the fresh fruit made up for that.

After another wait of 15 minutes trying to check out , the same manager who gave me the breakfast coupons some hours ago asked, if everyting was allright which resulted in a major complain from my side, actually the first complain at any hotel in a very long time...

He handed me a complimentary upgrade certificate and promised to forward my complain to the GM with a good chance of getting a free night certificate on top of that....

So my advise would be to go for the new tower or simply stay away.The old tower is a disgrace for the Hyatt chain( would actually be a disgrace for any quality hotel chain ) and should renovated immediately.

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