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Being a diamond gets you no where at this hotel. I had two stays through priceline in the past two weeks. My first stay I called the hotel directly. I asked them to add my Diamond number to the reservation and made a request for a kids suite in the North tower. I was told they were unable to add anything to "internet" reservations. Upon check in, I got the kids suite but had to pay $25 for the upgrade. I was also told that I was not entitled to an amenity or the breakfast certificates because they couldn't add my Diamond number to the account. When we got to our room, I called the Diamond line and was told that the hotel was wrong and all Diamond members were entitled to their benefits regardless of the rate. I was also told that they've had a lot of trouble with this property and the GM there. They appologised and said they would make a call. Later in the evening, we received a voicemail saying that they would allow us to get our amenity but not the breakfast certs.

A week later we had a stay at this hotel again. This time I called the diamond line and they added my number right away. I also called 1800CHECKIN and requested a kids suite in the North Tower. They got me the room at no additional charge and were very nice about it. Upon check in, I encountered the same thing about no Diamond priviledges. This time the front desk clerk said they were told specifically by the GM that they were not allowed to give out amenity cards and breakfast certs. on "internet" rates. So once again I called Gold Passport and a different CS agent tell me the same thing. They had numerous complaints about this property and there was not much he could do, but if I wanted to, I could call the supervisor back the next day.

I didn't bother because it wasn't that big of a deal to me. I guess it was irritating based on principal. I've never encountered any problems at other properties when I've decided to use priceine. Honestly, the only purpose of the trip was to take my 4 year old to Disneyland. We were rained out 3 days in a row and had to come back a 2 weeks later. If it wasn't for that reason, I probably wouldn't have gone back to this property ever.
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