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It is definitely interesting to see that the on-line tour emphasizes a few things that have been the "complaints" about the UA new business seats (as this product compares to that vs. the UA first class suites)
1. that all suites face forward - you wouldn't expect this to be even mentioned, but they do plenty of times. Some people are wary of the rear facing seats on UA.
2. that there are several areas for storage of personal items - water bottle holder, on the side of the seat, underneath the footrest. A main complaint of UA's seats is a lack of storage space for personal items in the seats.
3. that all seats have aisle access -imo this is the most valid thing to trumpet, as UA is not the only business class with 2 4 2 configs. Not having to decide between being a stepper or steppee is HUGE!

I wonder what united thinks of this advertising that seems aimed at pointing out their deficiencies, and what US has done to fix them...
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