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Thanks, Blumie, for all the helpful information. One more question - will AA also be able to print my Alitalia boarding pass?

The ticket was $250 less than taking a British Airways flight so we're saving around $500. Let's hope we are lucky. I checked the BOS-FCO flight status from the last few days and they all made it on time. From reading the boards, it seems that most of the problems happen with connections in FCO, so I hope we will be okay.
AA can not do the boading passes, BUT, can check the luggage.
Make sure you have copies of your Alitalia E ticket.
Also be sure u have the Alitalia record locators.
If it was booked in Sabre also have that record locator.

Call up AA before hand and have them add a note to your AA record that u are connecting to FCO on AZ xxx,
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