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Hyatt Grand Cypress for Easter

I wanted to write about our incredible stay at the Hyatt Grand Cypress. We flew in on Wednesday, March 27th and were afraid our trip started bad when Budget was out of cars. Luckily a car "appeared" after 5 minutes of looking and we were off!

We had two wonderful girls check us in. One was a trainee and really learned a lot from her trainer. We arrived at about 10:30 at night.

The next morning was crazy in the Regency Club. Actually in fairness, the whole visit was crazy in the RC. Silvana was running it great and as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately she could not work fast enough to supply "others" needs.

I must repeat a story as a bystander to say how well your staff handled a situation. A customer was EXTREMELY upset because at 10:20AM there were not any more boxes of Rice Krispies. She felt that "you are a five star hotel. As a five star hotel, you should be able to accomodate a simple request such as Rice Krispies." The manager, Diana, nicely told her that the club was extremely busy and the customers who came at 7AM did in fact get the Rice Krispies. The customer then went on to say that she wanted dark toast (non-white bread). Diana had Silvana run downstairs to the dining restaurant to get Rice Krispies and dark toast. Silvana gave it to the customer and the customer left without touching them. The staff handled them as well as they could.

There were a lot of children over the weekend in the club and at the pool, as can be expected as it was Spring / Easter Break all over the US.

I actually got to meet Frank Urena (Manager)in the elevator and then watch him take care of a situation at the pool. Parents of a 3 or 4 year old were not paying attention and the child wandered off. Frank made sure that security had the situation taken care of almost instanteously on a very busy Saturday afternoon.

Moon and Shirley took care of us as well. Moon, Shirley and Silvana are so good to us that they have become family!

On a fun side note, we met a couple in the club that we had met in May 2000 at the Hyatt Kauai and in May 2001 at the Hyatt Maui. They have a great memory and instantly remembered us from the Regency Clubs there!!!

The weather was perfect. The property was wonderful as always. The people were amazing.

I also want to compliment Sarah and Stephen as I checked out. They were trying to help me. Sarah is working at the property, but may have to return to her home in Ireland. I asked her of all the properties she has been to. She is definitely a great source of knowledge, as she has been to a lot of Hyatt properties!!! Stephen went into the back room to make sure that my print out was correct with the right amount credited to my Hyatt account.

As always, highly recommend this property.

1KinSeattle...we played the pitch and putt and weird...the whole time we were playing the lawn mower guy INSISTED he had to drive right through the course. Literally right down the fairway for 9 holes STRAIGHT. The course like the hotel was busy and had people on every hole. Why did this guy insist on doing this???
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