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Some details

It looks like it is only for Diamond and JGC Premier.

Here are some details from the Japanese link:

(For those of you not familiar with JGC Premier, it is status given after you log 80,000 elite qualifying miles and sign up for select JL-branded credit card in Japan.)

This is in addition to the existing benefits these elite members have been receiving including 40 upgrade points for Diamond and 40 for Premier.

Application period for course selection: Dec. 1, 2009 - Jan. 31, 2010.
- If you reach applicable status in November, your application period will start Dec. 15. If you hit status in December, the final month of the program year, you can apply from Jan. 15.

(D. for Diamond, P. for Premier)

(1) The default selection: First Class course

Domestic first class upgrade coupon: 4 for D. 2 for P.
First class lounge Diamond Premier Lounge coupons: 4 for D. 2 for P
Diamond Premier coupons (5,000 yen each. Maybe used for purchases of JL tickets, tours, JAL hotel accommodations): 6 for D. 3 for P

N.B. Overseas members will be given 10 upgrade points for D and 6 upgrade points for Premier in place of the domestic first class upgrade coupons.

(2) Partner status course
For a partner (spouse). Access to JL's best lounges, priority security lanes, priority boarding, elite bonuses). Same status benefits as the member who is gifting this benefit. The person who receives this gift can enjoy all the benefits even when s/he is not traveling together with the gifting member.

Partner status: 1 person for D. 1 person for P.
Domestif rist class upgrade coupons: 2 for D. 2 for P.

JGP Premier partner status may be given to a person who is already a JGC member as of Jan. 31.

(3) Domestic flight permiums course

Class J e-coupons: 100 sectors for D. 50 sectors for P.

(4) International flight premium course

Upgrade points: 20 for D. 15 for P

(5) Diamond premium coupon course

Coupons (5,000 yen each): 10 for D. 5 for P.
Flower gift service: 1 for D, 1 for P (for Japan area members only)
Lounge coupons: 5 for D., 3 for P.

(6) Gift selection course
Choose a gift from among the items to be posted on JL's website during the course application period.

1 for D., 1 for P.
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