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Originally Posted by LTRS View Post
In my experience they are catered according to the originally scheduled departure time.
Mine as well, even to the point of hilarity.

In 2000, we were scheduled on DFW-SCL (Santiago, Chile) when it was still served by the MD11. We were waiting in the AC for our 9pm departure, and had just decided to head for the gate. The place for the "status" had just changed to read "Now 9.00a" which seemed as if it must be a mistake. We headed for the gate to find out that the inbound aircraft went mechanical, and, since only LGW, FRA, and GRU (?) could produce another M11, we had to wait for the first one to arrive, which would be the morning arrival of the redeye from GRU.

We went back to the AC and were one of the first accommodated in rooms at the Hyatt where we had a nice night's sleep. The poor GAs had to issue vouchers or somesuch for an entire widebody.

The catering items were, to the best of my knowledge, put on dry ice. This flight was originally scheduled to have Dinner and Breakfast, and IIRC, the FA served dinner after departure at 9am and breakfast later that day, as was advertised in the menu. But since the food had been on dry ice all night, the potatoes in my meal heated on the outside and were still frozen on the inside when served. It was quite a bizarre experience, but for me it remains the primary reason I stay an AC member: help with IRROPS. Yes, it's great to have a quiet place to sit, and I love the free wi-fi, but the AAngels have done the most to help when times were most dire.
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