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I flew Emirates from Karachi to Dubai many years ago (1992 to be precise). I was shocked to see the same thing. We had somewhere between 15 and 20 falcons on board. We had 6 falcons on a long perch occupying the middle section of the last row in coach. One of the Dubai royal families had much (all?) of the first class cabin with their falcons. There were two birds on one first class seat, and a person seated adjacent. Newspaper was put on the seat and the floor. The group had been bustard hunting in Pakistan.

I was so shocked to see it that I found the flight attendance to ask if this was allowed. She assured me that the birds had been thru more stringent medical tests than me. I've heard their value can go as high as $1MM per bird.

A friend told me that she was in a Hyatt in Casablanca, and a suite had been booked for falcons.

When we arrived in Dubai, we stopped short of the gate. The royal family, their servants, and their falcons all deplaned into SUVs that had pulled up on the tarmac for them.
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