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I have my suspicions that ZK-JNC has been retired sometime in the past few days. It's been sitting at AKL at the maintenance ramp for a number of days now without seeming to go anywhere. Can anyone confirm whether this bird has been removed from service early??? It looks to be in bad shape in terms of ultra-faded paint and dirty fuselage.
I cant go into detail but JNC has an engineering issue and depending on when ZQC is confirmed for service it may not be worth repairing JNC so close to retirement when JND still has a few cycles left and of course mainline can operate some Jetconnect services if required.

However any major costs from this are taken care of by boeing as the delay of the 73H was their doing thanks to not seeking FAA/CASA/CAA approval on a couple of minor things with the new aircraft before they were delivered. They set the delivery date and as this was not met any costs to Qantas/Jetconnect are their responsibility, including chartering Qantas aircraft and crew to operate flights.
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