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Hi YVR -

To clarify, it wasn't overcast that day. It's just that the cloud line over the mountains was heavy, so we spent quite a while in it. It is called Tren a las Nubes (Clouds) for a reason! These things are entirely subjective, but for us, neither the scenery nor the experience justified the time spent, the very early start, the discomfort and the cabin fever.

You will not see anything outside at all for two hours or more into and out of Salta: they close all the shutters as a precaution against people throwing rocks at the passengers! That's pretty weird and frustrating.

Seriously, think of sitting on a commuter train for 17 hours, several of those with the shutters down, with two stops of roughly 15 mins each. The payback would have to be spectacular and, for us - both fans of long train journeys - it was not.

The train was very busy but there were probably a couple of seats left. You could chance it. Hope that helps.
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