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Took it last month and it was disappointing. The main thing to know is that the route is a freight line serving mining operations, not the pretty trip on a charming old train on a passenger line passing through villages we expected. I don't know if it was unusual, but the cloud belt over the mountains was very thick, meaning there was little to see for a large part of the journey. Some of the scenery was indeed impressive, but in a desolate kind of way and not exceptionally so.

The train itself - and no, I am not a trainspotter! - is bland, like a modern, suburban commuter train, with better seating. Neither does it actually go anywhere: it just goes to a viaduct, which is not the end of the line, and turns back, which seems an anticlimax after a very long journey. There are a couple of stops en route, but little to see at those apart from local people selling nick-nacks.

The Tren would have been fine for a couple of hours, but took us a whopping 17 hours! We left at 07.00 and returned to Salta at midnight. During that time, we were off the train for maybe 30 mins at most and felt very cooped-up. It is a very long day and we were thoroughly over the whole thing by 18.00 at the latest. It is uncomfortable and tedious for such a long time.

The food was OK and there is entertainment, consisting of a band, singalong and magician, which was a nice diversion. The staff was very friendly and there was a good atmosphere, although boredom certainly set in later.

In my view, this one is really for train line and civil engineering fans: it's quite an undertaking, with little for the casual tourist. Salta and its environs are great but we thought we'd have spent our time better and enjoyed it more by hiring a car and driving around on our own.

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Just wondering if anyone has made it up to Salta and ridden the Tren de Las Nubes?
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