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I will answer #5 and #4 here

For #5
"Thanks for the followup, interesting to note the seat information. I would followup with AF, the operating airline, and figure out why you were assigned that and your experience...."

I did. To say that the response was far from content oriented and sufficient would be an understatement.

For #4:

"I do not mean to sound disrespectful, BUT:

If you follow your logic in regards to an unacceptable seat, I should be getting a refund and apology letter every time I sit in a centre seat, or in the
back few rows of an MD88?"

The question is absolutely legitimate. If one is assigned Y seat, and get a middle Y seat, no- they do not have any reason to get apology letter and refund. If there was a policy regarding medallions never assigned a middle seat, it would have been a case. But, even for CO the policy is just mileage bonus in such cases.

The ticket was a paid J. There are clear evidence that the service did not meet the definition of J, or even Y for this matter. There are evidence that it is also due to well known problems on board. AF guides its staff to protect AF FF from these cases. It does not guide DL to protect its FF as well. As a matter of fact, AF never shared this info with DL.

For that alone, a refund and an apology are in my opinion the very very very minimum. But, my posting was related to the delayed in responding and delivering on a written obligation: 45 days to reach an "agreed" solution, and more than 30 days to fail to deliver it are not appropriate.

I doubt that anyone would dispute this case, but I wanted to get a more general perception of what is an appropriate response time. That was the reason for the post.

I was happy to provide answers to the additional questions, though. And, I never thought that the question was rude, though... (It was a legit one)

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