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Sorry, clarification

Originally Posted by WBurcham View Post
Confused about the paid J "poor seat" and I'm sure that others are....
It turns out (learned the hard way) that on AF metal, 777 (the ones that also have FC) there are seats in J that have few known structural and techincal problems.
To be specific, mine was 5B:
-Just on the crossline between the service closet (right side, 80-100 cm), opened and closed about once every 30 minutes during the flight (I can assure that)
-the rest room enterance door (with a problematic 'smell' for the flight,)- when you put the set down for sleeping your legs would actually touch the restroom door),
- the service area curtain (That the FA do not make sure to close, at all),
-the service cart storage (It will 'hit the chair' because they have to 'twick' it a bit to enter the aisle, and exit the aisle)
-the serivce area for FA announcement is just in front of this seat (across from the bathroom, and they can- and do make noise during the flight)
-and well, fellow pax would gather and wait for restroom, bar or chatting, just in front of this chair.

Once I boarded, I looked around and it was clear that nothing good can come out of this seating. It is almost as if that was a space with no seat, and it was added later (to add revenue)

As 'troubles' were 'piling' during the flight, and so did my surprise level, I talked with a fellow passenger (seating on the second worst seat.) Turned out to be a nice gentlemen, AF PM that got an op-up.
He was surprised to hear that I paid for the seat. A short informal chat, and he gave me the more 'detailed' explanation: the seat I was in (5B), along with few other seats are ones that AF agents get guidelines not to assign to paid AF J pax. He actually listed them for me, explained ther reasons, and I went up from my seat and checked them one by one and verified that all the 'defects' he specified are there. If anyone wants the full list, I would gladly look in my notes and email them (but you can get by induction that the next one is 5K). So, in other words, he gently informed me that as a DL J pax I was 'mistreaterd'.
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