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Originally Posted by tfar View Post
Moisturizer - see above but some places I go I need to bring my own. Is there dry moisturizer?
An unintended oxymoron, perhaps?

How do you gents do it? Entirely liquid free? If so, how do you manage? Half'n'half? No concern because once you got a 311 you might as well make no compromise on the rest? Buy it there?
I reduced my liquids down to the bare essentials, which are a small sprizter for
hair spray, a tiny cologne sample, small toothpaste tube, and clothes detergent. I've bought shave oil and like it but for the next few trips am using up my hard Mennen shave soap I bought in N.Z. a while back, though I've tried and will not use regular hotel soap ever again as it made by whole face & neck blotchy and red and sensitive.

I travel light but there are some extremes I'm just not prepared to go to and going liquid free isn't going to happen for me.
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