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Originally Posted by Cloudship View Post
I am gold with Delta through the end of the year. Right now I have 36K MQM miles. I fly out of Boston or Providence

I have one big trip to LA planned, this one is a treat and I am going First Class (paid). This is definitely on Delta. I also have a number of small trips coming up - up and down the East Cost (to Florida mostly) and maybe one to Texas. I might be able to just squeeze into Gold, but that is not a given.

I am getting a bit tired of Delta. I love the upgrades (I am a wide passenger and having the extra seat width makes me and my fellow passengers much, much more comfortable). But finding decent flights and decent service is getting harder and harder, and I notice fewer and fewer upgrades. I also will be hopefully making a few international trips next year, and really want to find an airline with a true economy plus section in it. Since a vast majority of my flying is for my own personal enjoyment, I have to pay for all of it myself, so I end up flying on the cheapo discount fares.

I have already been thinking about continental, and now that they have Double Qualification Miles, it makes it even more tempting. If I jump ship to Continental, using the DEQM I should be able to achieve silver with CO. That then puts me at an advatage for next year, when I might be able to earn gold, particularly if I can find flights on some of the Star Alliance partners. On the other hand, if I could squeeze out Gold with Delta, then I am one level up in the upgrade chain.

So I have to decide, should I stick it out with Delta and get Gold with them, or split to Continental and get Silver on two airlines?
I would say sticking with DL based on your travel patterns and your location BOS/PVD. Delta has more mainline flights out of both Airports with nice connections via JFK/ATL.

Another thing you might want to do is try to do is a MR if you are not sure you will get GOLD. My thinking is to stay with the airline that can provide you the best chance of upgrading.

P.S. you think you will ever see an upgrade on CO out of EWR to the places you stated you will be flying this year, as a low-tier elite member, you have another thing coming. Only way you will see F will be to pay for it.

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