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Originally Posted by radioinsomnia View Post
Count me as one of those who has been afraid to change his airline partner for the length of this promotion, and who will continue to be afraid to do so until the points post. I just don't think Wyndham is set up for that sort of flexibility, especially for this promotion. It would be a different story if the points had posted not long after each group of 3 stays.
I was very careful to book six brands back-to-back for each run at 3 10K promos. This way if 1, 2, or all 3 were delayed in posting for some reason it would have a less likely chance of screwing up my system.

I can see where there would be problems with individual postings for each group of three.

Chronological stay order:
Brand A
Brand B
Brand C
--------- << 10K bonus post
Brand C
Brand B
Brand A
-------- << 10K bonus post

The above would clearly earn the member 2 10K bonuses. But if the posting for the for the first stay at Brand A were to be delays so the posting order appeared as such:
Brand B
Brand C
Brand C
Brand B
Brand A << out of order posting
-------- << 10K bonus post, brands C,B & A
Brand A

The above might appear that the member earned only one bonus of 10K if the algorithm were written to spot the first 3 unique-brand stays.

My chronological stays were
| ABC | DEF | GCD | FGD | - but they posted....
| CDE | FGC | DFG | DAB |

Since I did not know if the system would flag (and possibly award in spite of the T&C) each 3 as they posted I never let two brands, chronological by stay date, be closer than 3 spaces apart - DFGD.

(And yes, in this depre.... er, I mean... recession, I find I have a lot of time on my hands as I am underemployed by 50% . So if anyone is tempted to say "get a life" I ask, would you walk up to someone in the unemployment line and say that? - [don't answer that question])
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