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Originally Posted by bearcat74 View Post
This is a bit troubling for those of us who were trying to get 10K in multiple programs. I did 3 earlier with DL and just recently did 3 with US to get hits in their promotion (and the 10K). Was hoping to get 10K for each program added, though now it seems my 20K will go in whatever program I have selected at the date they post them.
Personally, I never thought Wyndham would have the capability to allow for earnings towards different programs. The fact that the bonuses were going to be awarded at the end of the promotion (established early on in the promo) quashed any thoughts I had about spreading earnings across US and another airline(s). For them to award the bonuses through automation (and not manual entries) they would have to keep track of each program one selected for each trio of stays and then writing code that would use this history when submitting the 10K bonuses. I just don't see them going through this effort. It would be great, for sure, but unlikely IMHO.

I could be (and hope for the sake of others) that I am wrong. Hopefully they will see activity like this:

1) Three stay awards for three brands awarded to US DM#12X4Y67.
2) Send 10K DMs to DM#12X4Y67

1) Three more stay awards for three brands to DL SM#9876543310.
2) Send 10K SMs to SM#9876543210
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