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Just for the heck of it I put in March 1 and 12 as departure and return dates for two people. The calendar did not even list these flights as available award dates but I put them in anyway. Interestingly enough J came back but not on all three segments (MKE-NRT-BKK and I even tried LAX-NRT-BKK and the results were the same). MKE-DTW had only Y availability, DTW-BKK had J, NRT-BKK had Y. Return trip: BKK-NRT Y, NRT-DTW J and DTW-MKE F. As you can see, tpac had J available but NRT-BKK-NRT did not. Of course, even though the entire itinerary was not J I was still charged 120,000 miles per person. But an itinerary like this might be worth it if the concern is tpac comfort.
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