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Originally Posted by jaimemayo View Post
I don't think you received faulty information. I have been told the same thing by NW agents, that is, I can't get an award ticket to Asia via a flight through Europe.

I also have been frustrated in finding award tix to BKK. There isn't even anything for just me, let alone just me and a friend. A NW agent told me this is because there is an extremely heavy demand for BKK award tickets.

Have you tried using KE? I got an award ticket to SIN (I know it's not BKK) in November via ICN on KE because there was nothing available on NW on the date I needed.
I have tried every direct flight from USA to ICN on KE using but have found no low level business awards...only coach. My ideal routing is JKK-ICN-BKK on KE business but I cannot even find a ticket for one passenger let alone two for any date I plug in. VERY frustrating. Does KE not give out very many business awards to NWA/DL?? I can understand how some flights may be full but not every single flight on every single day for months.
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